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Our vast bearing database and high success rate in finding the right match make us the ultimate source for all types of bearings. Our top priority is your satisfaction. 

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At Heller Enterprises, we don't just supply bearings; we engineer precision and deliver excellence.

With a relentless commitment to quality and innovation, we redefine industry standards. Partner with us for a bearing experience like no other.

Why Choose Heller Enterprises?

Precision Redefined: Our bearings are crafted with unmatched precision, ensuring optimal performance.

The Heller Advantage

With decades of industry expertise, we understand bearings better than anyone.


Obsolete Bearings

Experts in recreating rare and obsolete bearings.

Tailored Solutions

Custom design and manufacturing for your unique needs.

Quick Turnaround

Fast production, ensuring minimal downtime.

Unmatched Quality

Rigorous testing for precision and durability.


Competitive pricing for top-notch custom solutions.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Custom Machine Shop: Our in-house Custom Machine Shop is a hub of innovation. From creating bespoke bearings to recreating rare and obsolete ones, we are your go-to experts.
Engineering Excellence: Our skilled team can craft, repair, and recreate bearings to the highest standards, meeting all your unique needs.
Heller Enterprises

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Welcome to Heller Enterprises

Where quality meets precision. We’re a trusted name in the bearing industry, committed to delivering the best.

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Great Custom Work

Impressed by their ability to recreate obsolete bearings on short notice.


Working with Rob was our smartest decision

The go-to source for all our bearing needs. Highly recommended!


This Company is an Amazing family run business. I will always recommend Heller

Exceptional service, quick turnaround, and top-quality bearings